Blueberry Sake
Blueberry Sake
May 22, 2020
March 10, 2020

Draft Sake Fresh Taste and Aroma

Also known as “Draft Sake”, the “Nama” in Nama Sake means “fresh”, and denotes how this sake is not pasteurized after fermentation. Rather, we use our advanced ultra-micro filtration methods to keep the delicious taste and aroma unique to unpasteurized sake, without sacrificing shelf-life. Lively and refreshing, this sake is best served chilled and consumed soon after opening.


Light, clean flavor, with hints of banana and a refreshing light finish.

Product Information
  • Alc./Volume: 14%
  • Size: 300ml
  • Class: Nama Sake Junmai-shu
  • Rice-polishing ratio: 70%
  • Sake Meter Value: +2
  • Service Temperature: chilled or at room temperature
  • Sulfite and gluten free

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Pairing Notes

Pairs well with light dishes, appetizers, seaweed salads, shellfish, steamed dishes and dim sum.

Pairing Notes - Ika ponzu salad