Plum Gekkeikan
Plum Gekkeikan
May 22, 2020

Kobai Plum

Kobai Plum is Gekkeikan USA’s unique Japanese plum beverage. Unlike many other plum wines, Kobai Plum uses Gekkeikan sake as its base, giving a wonderful mellow and roundness to the flavor while allowing the sweet plum flavors to shine. Delicious poured over ice.


Notes of almond and apple blossom enhance the natural plum flavor, while honey and meyer lemon lace round out the finish.

Product Information
  • Alc./Volume: 12%
  • Size: Available in 750ml
  • Sulfite free

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Kobai Plum

Pairing Notes

The unique balance between sweet and refreshing make this an ideal match for blue cheese, foie gras and parmesan.

Pairing Notes - blue cheese and nut salad